Call for Papers (information)

Kamis, 12 April 2018 12:26 WIB

Call For Papers 1st Global Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance 2018 (GCIEF2018) 24-25 October 2018, Kuala Lumpur Website: Registration & Submission: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a United Nations effort to create a common set of development goals in every country from 2015 to 2030. The countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. The success of SDGs involves engagement of different stakeholders. Financial institutions are one of the stakeholders that play an important role in contributing to the success of SDGs. The contribution of Islamic Finance institutions depends on both the economic returns on these projects and their orientation towards social and environmental issues. Currently, the role of Islamic Finance in achieving SDGs goals are still at early stage and need for further discussions. Thus, the Global Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance will be a platform for the intellectuals to discuss and to exchange ideas on the role of Islamic Finance in contributing towards the SDGs. Conference Theme Sustainable Development Goals: Way Forward in Islamic Finance Key Areas 1. Islamic Financial Engineering 2. Finntech 3. Innovation 4. Financial Stability 5. Financial Inclusion and Shared Prosperity 6. Infrastructure Development 7. Risk Management 8. Maqasid Shariah 9. Other relevant topics Publication Opportunity Selected papers will be given priority to be published in IRCIEF, KUIS or ISRA journal publications. Important Dates (GMT +8:00) 1. Abstract Deadline: 15 May 2018 2. Full Paper Deadline: 31 August 2018 Global Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance 2018 IRCIEF@KUIS Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS), Persiaran Seri Putra 1, Bandar Seri Putra, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia Email: Website: Registration & Submission: This programme is organised by International Research Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance (IRCIEF) in collaboration with International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA). Main Organiser: International Research Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance (IRCIEF) IRCIEF is a research centre under the International Islamic University College Selangor (KUIS) that focuses on Islamic Banking and Finance. The uniqueness of IRCIEF is the collaboration between the industry players and academicians to mutually strengthen the Islamic economics and finance. Industry players provide services that fully comply to Syariah requirements while academicians are responsible to conduct research and share the current and latest findings for the advancement of Islamic economics and finance. In this respect, IRCIEF act as a centre allowing for academicians and industry players to meet and to discuss together on issues, solutions and recommendations in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance. Visit for further information. Collaborator: International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA). The International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance or commonly known as ISRA was established on May 2008 by the Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) as an Islamic finance research institution, focusing on Shari’ah related issues. ISRA acts as a repository of knowledge for Shari’ah views (fatwas) and undertakes studies on contemporary issues, especially those relating to the Shari’ah in the Islamic financial industry. ISRA contributes towards the strengthening of human capital development in Islamic finance by providing the relevant Shari’ah expertise. It also provides a platform for greater engagement amongst practitioners, scholars, regulators and academicians via research and dialogue, in the domestic and international arenas. Through its pioneering research and rigorous intellectual dialogue, ISRA aims to promote innovation and dynamism thus extends the boundaries of Islamic finance. It is envisioned that with greater research and dialogue, mutual respect and recognition will emerge within the global community of the Islamic financial industry. ISRA’s Council of Scholars, a group comprised of eminent local and international Shari’ah scholars has been set up to provide input and assistance in the strategic direction of ISRA’s research.